Camila de la Fuente, better known as CamdelaFu, is a Venezuelan and Mexican journalist dedicated to political and social cartoons, illustration, animation and painting.

She has lived most of her life in Caracas, Venezuela under the Chavista-Madurista dictatorship. During that time, she became involved in the Student Movement that led most of the street protests that were violently repressed by the regime with hundreds of protesters killed, wounded and imprisoned. In 2014, she emigrated to Mexico for job opportunities as well as security. Her work is recognized by the use of animated political cartoons (gif) as a form of expression, in addition to static editorial cartoons.

Currently lives in Mexico City. She co-directed Cartooning For Peace’s educational program “Drawing peace and democracy” to prisons and schools in Mexico, which is why in 2018 they were invited to UNESCO to talk about their work in Latin America. In 2016, she won the 3rd place of the National Cartoon prize of El Universal in the category of animation. In 2018 Camila was a finalist in the first Illustration Biennial of Mexico.

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